Altaf Maaneshia Plays a Subtle Round of Rapid Fire With FHM

Altaf Maaneshia is back to his origins with his recently launched urban clothing line Stitch Bonded and looks like he is enjoying the limelight in Pakistan. 

A few days ago, he appeared in a rapid-fire round with FHM, where he not only answers with alertness and intact humor, but his affection for the elite fashion sense and Pakistani celebrities outshines right from within his eyes. 

Altaf when asked about whom considers ‘Evergreen’ in the Showbiz and Fashion industry, says Madhubala without any second thoughts. Also, he praises her French-inspired outlook and how she carried her personality with elegance throughout her career. If you want to know everything that he said in the rapid-fire round then head on to watch the complete video and take a ride filled with joy!