Altaf Maaneshia Talks About His Journey with People Magazine Pakistan

The popular international designer, Altaf Maaneshia is now back to Pakistan and is enjoying all the right amount of light and glam.

A few days back, Altaf was featured in an interview by People Magazine Pakistan where he shared his journey to the world of fashion and design. He has done his bachelor’s in fashion designing from the reputable Asian Institute of Fashion Designing, followed by a master’s degree from Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Designing, Italy. His passion to learn every aspect of fashion designing even led him to the certification of Applied Studies in Fashion Management. Also, he studied digital film making just to become more pro at managing excellent fashion brands.

He also told People Magazine Pakistan about what inspired him to launch the urban clothing line Stitch Bonded. He considers Nike and Uniqlo as his real inspiration behind the launch of this streetwear. When asked about where he sees himself in the next ten years, Altaf confidently shared his dream to become globally recognized. He also mentioned that Armani is one great example of his motivations.

Not to mention, Altaf said that he and his team are working tirelessly for Stitch Bonded and are very keen on the quality of materials used in the making of their products. Also, they are working hard to earn recognition for the brand and to convert their audience into leads and sales.