Meet Supima – World’s Best Cotton Meant For Comfy Tees

Loving yourself relates to the attributes of how you’re feeling?If you really want to feel amazing, then grab up stuff made with rich and pure Supima cotton.Likely, for the goodness of our customers Stitch Bonded has laid hands on the world’s best cotton t-shirts for wholesale that’s none other than,

Yes, you’ve guessed it right.” Supima”

It isn’t just cotton itself but it’s the softness, strength and color retention that makes Supima known as the world’s best cotton, let’s discover!

Surprisingly, many of us get anxious after hearing the word “Supima”, unable to understand the meaning of the brand name.

Well, no need to worry! Here you get the chance of diving in the pool of the world’s best cotton manufactures “Supima”.


Know More about Supima World’s Best Cotton

Supima Cotton is American cotton grown manufacturers known for its superior fiber with extra-long staple, virtuosity in marketing and leading character in the fashion and textile industries.


What’s Supima?

Basically, the word Supima is the blend of supreme and Pima cotton grown in the U.S. Its legacy begins 100 years ago with the superior attributes of Pima cotton that symbolizes high quality, luxury and comfort because of the extra-long staple, Supima cotton possesses.

Doubtlessly, it has become among the finest and world’s best cotton with the properties of strength, softness and color resistance. Thus, Supima cotton has transformed the idea of premium fabrics for brands and consumers.


Key Differences between Supima and Egyptian cotton

Supima Cotton is the world’s best cotton having the following properties that others don’t possess.

  • Premium quality
  • Extra-long staple
  • Breathable and durable
  • Smooth appearance
  • Comfort and softness
  • Color Resistant

These properties outline the features of Supima cotton while Egyptian cotton just signifies the reference of the origin that does not proclaim any maneuver of quality and finesse.


Farming of Supima Cotton

More often, this question is rising regarding the farming and production of Supima cotton. Therefore, the answer will leave you mesmerized as the world’s best cotton manufacturer’s can dig up gold from barren lands.

Not to forget, we’re talking about the world’s best cotton, “Supima”, who definitely uses the state of the highest modernized methods and processes for cotton farming.

Starting with…..

  • Usage of GPS navigation on tractors
  • Navigation used for planting
  • Navigation used for harvesting
  • Navigation used for soil monitoring
  • Navigation used to satellite technology

The farmers set the seal on by checking and monitoring the farming stages for manufacturing the world’s best cotton with making as less possible impact on the environment.


 Ways to figure out Supima Cotton made goods

Surely, fashion brands that use Supima cotton ensure their customers are fully aware of the world’s best cotton that is being used. Hence, they embody the ingredient of their secret recipe “Supima”, in various contextual ways.

  • Product Labels
  • Product description on the web
  • Product reference on social media sites
  • Store displays
  • Mentioning in blogs

Be United with Supima and Stitch Bonded

Now you know why Stitch bonded product offerings stand out among the other items in the closet. Of course, without a doubt, the reason is Supima cotton. Unlike, many brands Stitch Bonded prefers to use the world’s best cotton that is meant for comfy tees. Hence, you’ll find here a variety of t-shirt designs crafted with Supima cotton.