Stitch Bonded Grabs All the Glam in Top Fashion Magazines of Pakistan

Since the day Altaf Maneesha has announced the launch of his incredible streetwear line Stitch Bonded, the fashion magazines of Pakistan have all been awestricken. They are mesmerized by the ideation behind his collection and are praising the brand in all the right words.

Altaf Maneesha has been recently featured in something Haute for his dynamic career flights. He has become an example for most Pakistan-based designers by earning great fortunes internationally and becoming a brand in the fashion industry. However, the curling twist in Altaf’s career is his turning back to Pakistan after becoming an international hit. There is a lot of hype roaring about Altaf’s dedication towards the local industries and their development. Broadly, because he has based the manufacturing of all the products in the local production factories; instead of taking them abroad.


Pakistan-based international designer, Altaf Maaneshia has paved the way for other local designers to dream big. Belonging to a village, Altaf created his own path all the way into the fashion industry, that too internationally. He has studied from local fashion school, Asian Institute of Fashion Design and then completed his master’s degree from Polimoda, a private fashion school in Florence, Tuscany. somethinghaute


Apart from that, the magazine also highlights the simple yet stylish and unique work of Maaneshia. Utilizing the art and skills he possesses, Altaf Maaneshia has been the only Pakistan-based designer to take part in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week.

One of the top fashion magazines in Pakistan – hipinpakistan praises Maneesha for his incredibly trending collection and for his contribution to the local Textile industry. Hip writes about how Altaf has made Pakistan proud since the beginning of his fashion career.


His creations have previously been showcased in top fashion hubs such as New York Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In order to broaden his horizons and expand his vision he now chose to bring that vision to the streets by developing his first streetwear brand which could be accessible for all to wear in their daily lives. hipinpakistan


Hello Pakistan features the brand Stitch Bonded as an amazing clothing line that highly compliments with the recent trends. They also praise Altaf Maneesha for coming up with such a vision and objective to provide the urban population with a range of casual wears that can be worn and embraced by all.


Stitch Bonded’ was created to bring the designer’s vision to the streets. In order to refresh his creative palette, Maaneshia thought it was important to further introduce lifestyle streetwear which was hip, happening, fresh and fun. Everything any Gen Z or millennial would love. This label helps him democratize fashion by making it accessible to people in their everyday lives. hellopakistanmag


Without any doubt, Stitch Bonded is primarily focused on introducing stunning urban wear for everyone. The name itself suggests the union of all the creeds and casts, blurring the lines between high-class and low-class fashion from the market. There is a colossal variety of custom-made designs available at Stitch Bonded and that too manufactured locally in Pakistan. Thence, the brand not only promotes the streetwear culture but also brings a great incline for the local textile industry.