Three Steps to Follow When Washing Your Custom Design T-Shirts

Wondering! How to keep your favorite custom design t-shirts fantastic and forever with you? Then, worries not there are multiple ways of keeping them fresh and new like it’s bought right away. While you may occasionally spill a mug of hot chocolate on your favorite custom t-shirt by Stitch Bonded or snag with something sharp….. Not to cry over, as the culprit behind ruined custom tees is someone whom you know?

Guess Who? Oops! Yes, it’s true that you’re the one who damages the life and colors of your fave custom t-shirts. However, a little bit of care and an extra effort would help you to forever be with the amazing custom t-shirts you’ve got from Stitch Bonded.

Although, the brands take good care by using quality fabrics but now it’s your turn to prolong the life of your comfy, trendy and super soft custom t-shirts.

Therefore, there are lots of people who have been using tees that are twelve years old but you can’t really sort out the difference between new and old custom t-shirts.

Hence, you can keep them for years in good shape; it all depends on how you take care of your wearable master piece!

Well! If you really care about your stuff then below you’ll find some amazing and super duper easy steps for washing custom t-shirts.


Super Simple Steps for Washing Custom T-Shirts

Bravo! You’ve crafted the perfect custom t-shirts designs from Stitch Bonded but now what if they get dirty and ruined because of your laziness. Wherefore, our customers ask us on a daily basis how to keep custom t-shirts looking splendid for years to come.

Well! The answer is 1,2,3…….


Step 1 – Washing Custom T-shirts In and Out

No guide would be complete without this easy peasy step that is often over looked by us because it’s simple. Well, then you should put some heed on it as this trouble-free step will help you to keep your tees forever shining.

Therefore, be sure to always turn your custom design t-shirts inside and out. Thou that spin cycle can do a lot of wear and tear on your tees but once it’s inside out no harm on the front. The entire struggle has to be faced by the outer structure, which is good because the outside will be safe.

Actually, all your clothes including custom t-shirts will be benefitted from washing it in and out because this will accommodate in reducing the fading, fabric spilling and marks on the tees.


Step 2 – Be Friends with Cold Water for Washing Custom T-Shirts

Splash! Here your fave tees are dived into the soapy water. However, be sure to wash them in cold water for keeping your custom t-shirts looking new. Although, the right amount of good detergent does help in lowering the chances of fading but cold water permanently assists you to fix the issue.

  • Use cold water as it’s gentler on fabrics.
  • Try using cold water as it cleans the stains smoothly.
  • Washing in cold water extends the life of your tees.
  • In cold water natural fabrics like cotton, wool and linen don’t shrink.
  • Refrain from using strong detergents.
  • Don’t at all use bleach for washing custom t-shirts.
  • Wash colors and textures together in cold water.


Step 3 – Hang Your Custom T-shirts to Dry

Last but definitely not the least, try to dry your washings in the air by hanging them on to smooth or bare surface. Despite of knowing that we all dry our clothes in washing machines it’s a bit of friendly advice to get your custom t-shirts air-dried.

Likewise, hot water can harm your tees similarly dryers’ hot steam can damage or shrink your fave tees. As high heat is enemies of your custom t-shirts because heat causes the fabric to shrink, fade, crack, wrinkle and stick.

However, try washing and drying custom t-shirts under cool and natural temperature. Hope! You follow these simple and not so fancy steps for washing custom t-shirts.