Top Five Tips to Help You Order Trending Custom T-shirts

Ordering custom t-shirts can be so much fun as this is the last but exciting part of planning family reunions, professional meetups, sports tournaments, social welfare events, senior picnic parties, merchandise sales or promotional giveaways. You need to be wearing the same yet novel custom t-shirts in-order to show bonding and trust. Therefore, it is essential to order trending custom t-shirts to portray the same message, idea, personality, and image.


Well! No need to worry about how to do that. Here are some amazing top tips to help you order trending custom t-shirts as per your taste.


Tip 1 – The Purpose of Custom T-Shirts?

As discussed earlier, there are lots of reasons why you order trending custom t-shirts that can start from the moment you plan up your bachelorette to sports leagues and anything in between. Therefore, it’s essential to have an idea of what’s the core purpose of your order.


Hey! How about looking at some questions……

  • What’s the purpose? (Casual, Party wear, Professional, Merchandise, Giveaway, Sports tee)
  • Who will wear these? (Executives, middle management, youngsters, seniors, teens, players)
  • How frequently will they be worn? (Occasionally, every day, thrice a day, single event)
  • Under what temperature conditions? (Outdoors in rough and warm, indoors in controlled temperatures)

Furthermore, these questions might help in ordering better custom t-shirts. You want those tees that hit up the basic trifecta by being comfortable, attractive and durable.


Tip 2 – How Many Trending Custom T-Shirts You Want?

No matter how many custom t-shirts you want? Stitch Bonded is here to enlighten your printing ideas. Thence, the person ordering must know the correct quantity for getting their custom t-shirts designed.


Wherefore, they must have a clue whether they want to get it done in bulk with a maximum of 20 pieces as these might cost them less as compared with the ordering of minimum quantity. Also, amazing discounts can be availed for bulk orders by reducing the price of custom t-shirts.


Moreover, each shirt has a different value attached based on the design. However, you need to be sure about designs for your tees for instance you want a V-shaped neck with short sleeves or crew-neckline with long sleeves. Well! It all depends upon the design and numbers you want to order.


Tip 3 – Features to Consider for Custom T-Shirts Designs’

To craft an exuberant and eye-catchy design, the designers must know the basic features that help in topping up the ahhhhmazing symbol for custom t-shirts.

  • The artwork should be simple, surprising and minimal with aesthetic features according to the theme prescribed.
  • Think about the cost of printing for a custom t-shirt design. Try using few color combinations through this cheaper the printing will cost and won’t harm the graphics.
  • Try to make your shirt more attractive, comfy, cool and trendy that will provoke people to buy and wear more.


Tip 4 – Who’s Designing the Trending Custom T-Shirt for you?

Here at Stitch Bonded, you can super easily get your custom t-shirts designed just as you want it to be. Therefore, we’re surmounted by a throng of highly professional, experienced, creative, super-talented, artistic and happy to help you, graphic designers.

Moreover, designers with great artistic skills can craft up original and novel designs that suit your image and profession.

With the exception of, if you would like to get your designs reviewed by our professionals; just in case you want to check how a little tweak makes it clearer or print better. We’re here! At Stitch Bonded you can get it done for free.


Tip 5 –What is The Delivery Pattern for T-Shirts

At Stitch Bonded, we offer various delivery mediums.

  • You can get all your shirts delivered at one location for free
  • You can get custom t-shirts delivered individually therefore with added fees.
  • You can get your tees alphabetically arranged by us that will save you time and energy.
  • You can get your trending custom t-shirts that are in bulk organized into sizes.

Here at Stitch Bonded, you’ll receive an amazing priority-based working process.