Top T-Shirt Design Trends to Follow in 2020

The fact to be stated, one can never underestimate the power of a comfortable yet trending t-shirt. They are the most flattering and affordable means of dressing and comes at the top of streetwear fashion varieties. As 2020 seem to take a roll with incredible fashion trends, a variety of streetwear t-shirt designs are also flaring across the towns.


To help you sort through the varieties and chose an incredible t-shirt design for your wardrobe, we have put together the most trending t-shirt designs of 2020.


Artistic Detailing – A lot of popular artists are seen wearing t-shirts customized with their artworks. They simply opt for their fan-favorite art pieces and get them printed on t-shirts. It looks stylish, amazing and highly personalized. If you are also an artist and looking for the trendiest t-shirt design then visit your Instagram, pick out the most liked artwork and place your order right away. Your unique yet trendy t-shirt is on the way to your wardrobe!


Not an artist? Worry not for you can also get your favorite artist’s design printed on your t-shirt. Don’t forget to give credit to the artist.



Animal Portraits –


As the ratio of animal influencers is increasing on social media platforms, the trend of animal portraits being printed on t-shirts also seems to incline. This is a great design idea for your custom t-shirts this year. Either get your pet’s portrait printed on your t-shirt or promote your good animal causes with celebrity pet portraits printed on your merchandise.


Pocket Printing Designs –The most trending t-shirt design in 2020 is the pocket printing design that allows you to print anything from your favorite toy or pet’s tiny clipart to a brand’s logo design in place of the top-front pocket of your t-shirt. It looks subtle yet influencing in its unique style.


Minimalistic Florals – Flowers are the ultimate representation of beauty and growth. They can symbolize both a fresh start and joy of life at the same time. As we look into the recent trends of custom t-shirt designing, a lot of minimal florals seem to roll up the game.


Be it floral ornamentations, floral typography, or visual dialogues creates via floral designs, each of them is ruling the whole t-shirt design market and earning the greatest of recognition from the crowd.


Inspirational Quotations – A lot of common people and celebrities are seen wearing t-shirts with inspirational quotes printed on them. They carry a message for themselves as well as for everyone in their surroundings who tends to look at them for a while.

Gone are the days when you had to stick to the wallpapers on your mobile phone and walls of your room to share something inspirational. Now with custom design t-shirts, you can talk and walk simultaneously every day and share your most liked inspirational quotations with the world.


Typography and Typography – The most commonly seen t-shirt design is with typography. As the world is becoming more and more personalized, the amazing t-shirt custom designers have created an opportunity for everyone to become the author and designer of their trendy t-shirt.



You like a tweet very much? – Get it printed on your t-shirt now. Your Instagram post is getting viral? – get it printed now. You are obsessed with the tiny couplets you wrote in the 10th grade? Get them printed too and fill up your wardrobe with the trendiest t-shirts in town.


To put it all condensed, custom t-shirt designing is becoming a top-level industry in most parts of the world. It is not just providing an edge to the fashion sense and creativity of common people but also creating an incredible means of branding. A large number of brands get their personalized t-shirts printed for employees and customers to expand their reach and recognition among the targeted audience. However, following the above-mentioned t-shirt design trends can surely help you in both excelling at streetwear fashion as well as expanding your brand’s recognition.