Top T-Shirt Materials and How to Create Compelling Fabric Blends

Just No! No! Not at all get tempted to use the cheapest canvas for custom t-shirt designs.You surely don’t want your customers to bounce back before putting up your t-shirt. The only way to grab your customers is by using top t-shirt materials that are body-friendly and comfy.

Think out loud, before opting for fabric, don’t rush! You can take your time. Therefore, you need to presume about your customers and how you’re introducing your stock of brainy hard work.
Basically, you need to remember the importance of t-shirt materials for your apparel brand because the fabric of your pieces has to go well with the chosen niche and designs.

Here you can find some cool and breathable proven top t-shirt materials without storming confusion over your head among a variety of materials. Therefore, this will guide you to manufacture great t-shirts that will pull customers towards you.

Likely more than ever before, Stitch Bonded also believes in using top t-shirt materials for their custom t-shirts for an awe-inspiring moment.


Top T-shirt Materials to Use and Fabric Blends

While there are numerous fabrics for manufacturing garments, here are the top 2 top among them that are used by most brands for escalating the number of buyers.


Cotton – Comfy and Breathable

Beginning with the topmost used material is Cotton. Back in the days, all the T-shirts were cut from the same cloth and now in this ultra-modern time; cotton resists its position among the top t-shirt materials to be used.
Moreover, cotton is one of the favourite fabrics to be used because of its obvious attributes that are…

• Soft and breathable
• Comfortable and affordable
• Easy to wear
• Best for people with sensitive skin
• Versatile fiber
• Can be woven or knitted
• Makes great surface for printing
• Prone to rips and tears
• Sturdy fabric


Consequently, cotton is used widely but it is important to remember that for durability and long-lasting shine customers must use light detergents and exempt from washing with warm water. As an addition, some of the neglecting factors can lead to damaging you t-shirts fabric as well. Therefore, with Stitch Bonded you can enjoy wearing a soft, comfy and burly t-shirt crafted with Cotton, counted among one of the top t-shirt materials.

Polyester – Fitness fabric

The next type of incredible t-shirt materials is none other than “Polyester “. Wherefore it’s the man-made creation synthesised from petroleum-based products. Most commonly used for sporty t-shirts as it has a great body fit the shape and polyester traps the sweat against the skin.
However, this is among the top T-shirt materials commonly used by popular brands due to the amazing qualities it possesses…
s it possesses…

• Lightweight and body fit material
• Super durable
• Withstand a lot of washing
• Difficult to stain permanently
• Resistant to fading, wrinkling and shrinking
• Soft and comfortable
• Quick in drying
• Great for printing options

Moreover, polyester is among top t-shirt materials that are highly durable because of its less absorbent features. That helps it to stay healthy and clean for a longer time period. Considering, its attributes Stitch Bonded surely has a wide range of polyester in vibrant non-fading colors. Hurry up! To grab it up!


Let’s create compelling Fabric blends

Well! We’re done with highly recommended and used top t-shirt materials in the K-Town. Here are some tips to create compelling fabric blends out of these top t-shirt materials that are just to be wowed about.

• Cotton-polyester Blend

Fortunately, this blend is versatile and covers the pros and cons of each other in a smart way. Thence, these two are top t-shirt materials that make the garment look great and super comfy.
• This blend is easier to wash and dry
• Garments are more breathable
• Great canvas for bright and refreshing colors
• Doesn’t shrink or change shape
• Range to use (65 / 35) or (50 / 50)

• Polyester-cotton-rayon Blend

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber and goes really well with cotton and polyester. Surprisingly, this tri-blend is loved by many customers who prefer loose-fit apparels and these fabrics are counted among top t-shirt materials.
• Stretchy and strong
• Durable and comfortable
• Soft to touch
• Prints give a vintage feel
• Range to use (50 / 25 /25)

Let’s Wrap

Undoubtedly, Stitch Bonded surely provides the top t-shirt materials and fabric blends for their customers. Therefore, keeping in mind their wearable needs, of having comfy, soft and skin-friendly top t-shirt materials. Although, there are many blends and materials but these are the most popular ones among customers.